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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 13:22

GEPSUS will support crisis managers and decision makers to access in real time a wide range of geographical information and simulation results to better deploy the most appropriate countermeasures. This is necessary in order to estimate the effect on the social level and for this reason GEPSUS will also provide access, distribution and processing of information related to the entire territory such as population and traffic distribution, energy consumption, together with a wide range of relevant GI.

The results of GEPSUS not only will be essential for management of crisis but also for the training of all personnel in order to ensure a lower exposition of risk during a crisis. To this extent, having access to such simulation tools, becomes an essential pre-condition to prepare against terrorist attacks in that its use as training system is essential to ensure proper response in case of terrorist attack. In fact having access to effective training systems for crisis managers is necessary to provide adequate decision support during relief operation following incidents at urban scale.

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Summer School

Word Wind Europa Challenge

Together with NASA and the Polytechnics of Milan, Fondazione Graphitech is organizing a Summer School, so called "Word Wind Europa Challenge". This camp will involve a community of students and teachers from several Universities and Research centers throughout Europe, with the aim to create new applications based on World Wind. An initial website to advertise the initiative has already been set up. You can visit it at the following page:

download the event flyer

Development Video

Project Co-Directors

  • Dr. De Amicis, Raffaele, Trento, Italy (NPD)
  • Prof. Radovan Stojanović, Podgorica, Montenegro (PPD)
  • Mr. Doron Elhanani, Rosh Ha-ayin, Israel (Co-director)
  • Dr. Andrej Škraba, Kranj, Slovenia (Co-director)
  • Mr. Simon M. Berkowicz, Jerusalem, Israel (Co-director)


  • University of Montenegro - Montenegro
  • Fondazione Graphitech - Italy
  • EMESCO – Emergency & Security Solutions - Israel
  • University of Maribor - Slovenia
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Israel

End Users

  • Ministry of Defence of Montenegro