The Project and its Goals

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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 13:21

Planning on how to handle acute crises at urban scale caused by exceptional pollution levels as well as by pollutants released during a terrorist attack within a urban environment is of key importance to deploy adequate countermeasures following terrorist attacks.

The impact of modelling and simulation tools is very high both in social and economical terms as the availability of simulation and training tools can potentially save lives and bring to huge costs saving.

The goal of GEPSUS is to study the influence of spatial parameters of buildings on aeration conditions, to develop methods to evaluate aeration conditions and to optimize urban planning, in order to reduce effect of pollutant spread within urban environments.

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Summer School

Word Wind Europa Challenge

Together with NASA and the Polytechnics of Milan, Fondazione Graphitech is organizing a Summer School, so called "Word Wind Europa Challenge". This camp will involve a community of students and teachers from several Universities and Research centers throughout Europe, with the aim to create new applications based on World Wind. An initial website to advertise the initiative has already been set up. You can visit it at the following page:

download the event flyer

Development Video

Project Co-Directors

  • Dr. De Amicis, Raffaele, Trento, Italy (NPD)
  • Prof. Radovan Stojanović, Podgorica, Montenegro (PPD)
  • Mr. Doron Elhanani, Rosh Ha-ayin, Israel (Co-director)
  • Dr. Andrej Škraba, Kranj, Slovenia (Co-director)
  • Mr. Simon M. Berkowicz, Jerusalem, Israel (Co-director)


  • University of Montenegro - Montenegro
  • Fondazione Graphitech - Italy
  • EMESCO – Emergency & Security Solutions - Israel
  • University of Maribor - Slovenia
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Israel

End Users

  • Ministry of Defence of Montenegro