Principles of Computer Graphics 2008-2009

The objective of this project is to implement an application that can define and display the rescue mission path and the areas of interest visible from different points of view (car, plane, spaceship) of the rescue team.
Antonio Dallapè
Gabriele Baronti
The goal of the project is to show videos from online webcams mapped on the Nasa World Wind 3D Terrain.
Alberto Debiasi
The project incorporate the use of a TIN inside WorldWind's regular grid.
Alessio Guerrieri
Gavriel Smith
Yohanes Dafferianto Trinugroho
The scope of this project is to extend NASA’s World Wind to make it possible to visualize ray casting not only in intersection with the terrain.
Davide Mottin
Elda Paja
Michele Pilloni
The objective of this project is the extension of the framework WorldWind to allow the user to interact directly with the terrain through a series of specially developed tools.
Gabriele Seppi
Michele Dalla Torre
The goal of the project is to show videos from different sources like webcams or local video on the Nasa World Wind.
Jovan Stevovic
This project aim to be a run-time street builder done inside World Wind.
Stefano Tranquillini
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