• Geobrowser 3D

    The Geobrowser3D delivers a web-based 3D and OGC compliant solution integrated with computational and visual techniques for an ideal decision making environment.

    With our Geobrowser3D solution you can perform deep analysis, gain a greater understanding of your data, and to make more informed decisions.

    The system allows accessing real-time information within the very same 3D environment both on Desktop and on Mobile platform.

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  • Mobile applications

    Our software developed for smart phones, tablet computers and other mobile devices that allow to use our products outside the box. Read More
  • Multimedia

    Visual galery with examples of projects that we are working including images and video. Read More
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Fondazione GraphiTech

Fondazione GraphiTech - Centre for Advanced Computer Graphics Technologies is a no-profit applied research centre which conducts research and development activities in the broad technology areas of advanced computer graphics, mixed reality and large scale visualization systems for geographical data.